Scientific Advisory Board

Tomi Sawyer, PhD (Chairman; Medicinal Chemist)

Distinguished academic, biotech and pharma peptide scientist. At Merck he provided leadership to peptide R&D programs. Former Aileron CSO and first to bring a stapled peptide into clinics. He has two marketed drugs (Scenesse® and Iclusig®). Credited with ~600 scientific publications, patents, and presentations and holds several Adjunct Professorships at the University of Massachusetts, the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Northeastern University Center for Drug Discovery.

Andrew Saunders, MD (Clinical)

27 years of experience in haematology/oncology in the pharmaceutical industry including large pharma companies (Eli Lilly, Hoffman La-Roche, AstraZeneca), oncology companies (Pharmacyclics, Cell Therapeutics, ONO pharmaceuticals), and oncology CROs (Theradex,Nexus/Ockham). Saunders successfully led the development and marketing authorisation approval of 2 oncology products: Mabthera® (rituximab) and Evoltra® (clofarabine).

Enrique M. Ocio, PhD, MD (Clinical)

Deputy Medical Hematology Service of the University Hospital of Salamanca. A translational clinician expert in haematological neoplasias. Responsible of development of new antitumor drugs from preclinical to clinical trials in early phases, with a focus on multiple myeloma. Principal investigator in more than 15 clinical trials and responsible of 5 international clinical trials.

Tim Hammond, PhD, Professor, FRCPath (Toxicology)

35 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug Discovery and Development. He was former Vice President of Safety Assessment in the UK for AstraZeneca, responsible for non-clinical safety development of the full oncology portfolio, including registration of Irressa and Olaparib, among others. He has extensive experience in the selection, early development and registration of modalities intended to be used in oncology. Currently he is an independent consultant.

Joan Alberti (ADME).

15 years of research experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry supporting drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK). Project team member at early- and late-phase development phase I, II, and marketing approval, as well as experience at writing the ADME section for IB, IND and NDA regulatory documents. He worked as head of ADME and metabolism at Almirall, and was responsible for ADME at Prodesfarma. Currently he is an independent ADME advisor.