IDP Targets

Traditionally, the function of proteins has been intimately linked to their three-dimensional structure. However, as early as in the 1990s, a novel class of functional proteins lacking a well-defined three-dimensional structure was discovered. This new class of proteins is known as intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs).

Intrinsic disorder is particularly abundant in eukaryotes, which reflect the greater need for disorder-associated signaling and transcriptional regulation in nucleated cells. Analysis revealed that more than 80% of transcription factors posses extended regions of intrinsic disorder.

The role of IDPs and in particular transcription factor dysregulation in human diseases is now well recognized, and their relevance has boosted the development of new strategies and technologies, and drug discovery in IDPs is today within reach.

IDP Pharma is at the avant-garde of this new revolution, with a proven track record that has allowed the company to successfully build a strong pipeline targeting disease associated, intrinsically disordered transcription factors.