Laura Nevola, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer)
Dr. Nevola received her degree in medicinal chemistry and Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Rome “Sapienza” (Italy). After her stay at the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Hamilton at Yale University (USA) she moved to the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). She has designed several de novo drugs and led drug discovery projects.

Santiago Esteban, PhD (Chief Executive Officer)
Dr. Esteban got his Ph.D in chemistry at the Institute of Molecular Science (Spain) and worked at several international institutions (KIT, Groningen Institute of Biotechnology, IRB). Dr. Esteban has managed IDP Pharma since its foundation, focussing on strategic growth and business development. He has become an expert in hard to drug therapeutic targets i.e. IDPs.

Jordi Petit Salamó, MBA (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. Petit (MBA, ESADE) has a broad experience in corporate finance, venture capital and in the financial area of startups, SMEs, multinationals and large companies. He has worked during more than 25 years in different financial directive positions (Betne, Bull Europe, KPMG, Caixa Capital Risc), including biotech companies (Oryzon Genomics).